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This is often the first point of contact for many of my clients. There's something that's not working quite right on your computer, your smartphone or one of your apps. Your device is experiencing slowness or crashes. These sorts of disruptive issues are the day-to-day of what I deal with.


Yes, I know—e-mail is just so old fashioned. Until you can't get it to leave your Outbox. I take a holistic approach to e-mail as part of your company's communication flow. So, I understand your pain when Outlook won't talk to your iPhone. I also understand your frustration when your ISP won't support your e-mail program of choice.

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You buy a laptop and you still have to use your old one because it has all your stuff on it. The printer that everyone should be able to use, only prints from one computer. Despite how easy technology is to use these days, there are times that you might not have thought about all the "what happens when I get it out of the box" parts.

Product Recommendation

Is a 256 Gb SSHD better than a 1 Tb HDD? Umm…maybe. When looking at what technology to buy, it isn't easy to make sense of the specs and how they relate to you. Because I get to know my clients over time, I can often make that judgment call based on what I know about you and your business. And I can help with those pesky "migration" issues of making something new fit in with the old.

image of technology in use


The backbone of many small businesses, networking devices keep business connected in this always connected world. Of course not every network gets the same amount of attention as the next, and certain problems can arise. I help with installation and troubleshooting issues for wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections. I also can recommend replacement equipment, if the situation warrants.


Many clients remember me as a trainer from the old CompUSA in Warwick, RI. I have also led public computer training courses at several facilities including The Learning Connection and the South Coast Learning Network. Currently, I am available to train and mentor privately for companies and individuals. I have successfully completed the Brown University Learning Community Training Certificate Program.


About SOHOMike

For over 15 years, Michael Cabral has helped users in the Small Office/Home Office demographic with their Technology needs. His focus is applications that are typical of those found in the day-to-day workings of SOHO businesses. These programs include Microsoft® Office®, G Suite, Intuit Quicken and QuickBooks. Wi-Fi and laptop issues are also commonly addressed, and well as set-up and usage issues for various e-mail applications including MS Outlook and eM Client. Additionally, Mike will troubleshoot and configure smartphones and mobile devices.

Publicly, Mike has led computer training courses at several facilities including The Learning Connection, South Coast Learning Network, and CompUSA. Currently, he is available to train privately for companies and individuals. He has completed the Brown University Learning Community Training Certificate Program.

Mike is the sole partner of the Rhode Island-based business SOHO Business Enterprises, LLC.